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February 28, 2006 by Foxjazz
Pray that 5 black pearls will be found in a coffee cup on your coffee table 10 times a day.

And each day when it is confirmed that there are no 5 marbles, your belief will changed.

Do this for 30 days, and at the end you will be an atheist.
February 19, 2006 by Foxjazz
These opins are my own:
Written by Richard Carrier

It is probably true that almost all atheists stand for the values of reason and freethought. I will attempt to put these values in more substantial terms. There is the belief that inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception, self deception, and error. There is the belief that logic and proper empirical method is the only way the whole world can arrive at an agreement on the truth about anything. And there is the belief that it ...
February 19, 2006 by Foxjazz
I am interested in knowing what you think. I believe all three of our cats are self aware. They experience jealousy, fear, and have highly structured social cues.

When I am gone, Jasper (a neutered male) will wine very loudly sometimes.

So what do you think, are humans the only animals that we consider to be self aware?
February 15, 2006 by Foxjazz
Is there a way to reconcile science and religion?
One can be religious without being scientific, or be scientific without being religious. One can’t do both, not at the same time. They are two contradictory elements of thinking. Science knowledge is acquired by reason. Religion is acquired by making shit up. Another term one might use is faith. Faith = “making shit up”.

The problem with words, especially in the English language is that one word can have more than one meaning so thing...
February 10, 2006 by Foxjazz
I am thinking of a new concept. You may call it God, or you may call it the third man. A projected image of yourself from the outside.

Your thought and feeling about this imaginary being/rock/critical judiciary is very clear, and somewhat wrather insignificant in a slighted offhanded way.

Some call it your conscience, who is this consciense really, is it your personal walk with the Jesus?

Who is more humble, the man that thinks he is wrather significant because his purpose is bigger tha...
February 9, 2006 by Foxjazz
First off, let me say that Deism and agnostics are NOT mutually exclusive terms.
Agnostic is a statement about knowledge.
Agnostics believe it is not possible to know God.
Agnostics and atheists are not mutually exclisive either.

Most Christians are agnostic, even though they may not think themselvs this way, it is simply a fact.
Even the Bible says you can't know the mind of God.
The bible says you must be an agnostic.
Now the gnostics were different.

Talk soon,
February 5, 2006 by Foxjazz
This country's founding father Thomas Paine has paved the way to freedom. Freedom to gain an education and learn how to think. Once we have accomplished the discipline of reason, we begin to be free. Finaly to be free. This country will never support a Muslim religion, or any extreme religion, because the majority already know how to think. Thinking is the freedom Mr Paine brought us. We as a nation need to shore up and protect ourselves fully against the Muslim Religion. This means we must accl...
February 1, 2006 by Foxjazz
Katrina After reading this link Katrina it dawns on me how much people love to point fingers and publish crap.
Homeland security is not "natural disaster security" The Federal Gov has never meant to be used for fixing Natural Disaster's. It is the State's responsiblity to correct these issues and to have plans and follow them. But nowhere does it say that the failure of Louisiana to fix these problems and no one blames Louisiana.

Since the birth of this country, it has always been the State'...
October 25, 2005 by Foxjazz
For the most part. Sin just doesn't exist. Except in the mind of a believer in this falsley promoted concept.

Sin is for the guilty. Guilt is cause by a belief in sin. But sin only exist in the mind, it really don't exist in reality.

Immoralit exists, but sin doesn't. At least not for everyone. In most people, sin exists in the mind. In people who have no God, sin doesn't exist.

It is better to be free of the God thingy (IPU) or whatever you want to call it. Because once free, you can't...
February 16, 2005 by Foxjazz
I am trying to blog with navigator, and there is very little support from stardock.
I push the publish or post button after creating an artical, and I basically get nothing, no error, no response, nothing.

Also in reading some blogs from microsoft, I get error messages cannot parse. Is blogging changing so much that developers can't keep up with changes?

Also I read that .Text is a good tool to use for publishing blogs, however I think I am just lost. Can't find .Text anywhere.

So I am...
February 10, 2005 by Foxjazz
My friend has a point!
February 1, 2005 by Foxjazz
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